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JUUL Starter Kit

For adult smokers seeking a satisfying alternative to cigarettes. Includes a JUUL Device, USB Charging Dock, and four JUULpods in 18 mg/ml nicotine concentrations (Mint, Golden Tobacco, Royal Crème and Mango).

JUUL Starter Kit

The JUUL Starter Kit includes:

  • Rechargeable JUUL Device
  • USB Charging Dock
  • Four JUULpods (Mint, Golden Tobacco, Royal Crème, and Mango)
  • Two year limited device warranty

JUUL Starter Kit - FAQ

What is JUUL?

How do I get started with JUUL?

How is JUUL different than vaping?

Is there tobacco in JUUL's e-liquids?

Where can I buy JUUL?

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