Portable Charging Case

The JUUL Portable Charging case allows you to charge your JUUL Device while you’re on the go.

Take Charge

Charge your JUUL Device up to three times in the secure Portable Charging Case that can go with you anywhere. JUUL Device sold separately.

Easy To Use

Charge your case in a USB port using the provided cable. Four LED lights indicate a fully charged case, providing up to three charges for your JUUL Device.

Place your JUUL Device in the Portable Charging Case. The device LED will flash to indicate it is charging.

1 . Device Pocket | 2 . JUUL Device | 3 . Charge Indicator

What's in the Box?

Included inside are a JUUL Portable Charging case, a Micro USB cable, and a two year limited warranty.

1 . Charging Case | 2 . Micro USB Cable

Portable Charging Case - FAQ

How do I get started with my JUUL Portable Charging Case?

How do I know my JUUL Portable Charging Case is charged?

How many charges does my JUUL Portable Charging Case carry?

How do I clean my JUUL Portable Charging Case?

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