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Smoking alternatives can seem complicated and intimidating, but we believe that vaping can have a positive impact when used by adult smokers. JUUL was developed with you in mind.

Finding your perfect puff

Give yourself time to explore what works best for you. You may find yourself inhaling or puffing a little differently with a JUUL Device than with traditional cigarettes.

Start with light puffs to get a feel for JUUL's vapor without inhaling.

Establishing routines

You probably had certain routines associated with smoking that you enjoyed before JUUL. In the beginning, you may want to keep those same routines with JUUL for an easier transition. As always, please be aware and respectful of vaping rules wherever you use a JUUL Device.

How you experience JUUL is up to you. Choose from a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

Charging & spares

Keeping your device charged helps improve the convenience of JUUL. Luckily, the JUUL Device charges quickly, and full charges last for a full JUULpod’s worth.

You cannot overcharge your JUUL Device. So, keeping it plugged in overnight or while you are at home is always a good idea.

Your flavor journey

We know that finding your flavor is essential to a successful transition. Some flavors are also available in 18mg and 9mg per 1 ml nicotine strengths to accommodate your evolving needs.

You may have two favorites, or may like to rotate multiple flavors throughout the day.

Celebrating your wins

Take pride in your progress. Stay focused on your wins each day and the reasons why you're switching.

Remember you're not alone. Over a million adult smokers have switched to JUUL.

Quality & Standards

We hold our technology to high category standards across device, ingredient and vapor testing standards.

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